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TruCares Supports Communities With Limited Technology Access With “Pass IT On”

Pass It On members repairing computers

Photo Credit: Pass IT On

TruCares always seeks opportunities to support organizations with a cause we feel strongly about. Whether providing food to the less fortunate, educating youth, or other community-enriching efforts, we’re happy to help. That’s why we jumped at the opportunity to support Pass IT On.

What do they do, exactly? In their own words, Pass IT On is a “non-profit organization whose mission is to close the technology skills gap experienced by youth and adults in disadvantaged and under-represented communities and backgrounds.”

We believe everyone should have equal opportunities to further their knowledge, and in today’s tech-savvy world, too many people are left in the dark. Access to digital technology and education on its use is often scarce or nonexistent in some communities, and we want to see an improvement. That change can happen through Pass IT On’s Youth Tech Training, Workforce Development, and Empowerment Fellowship Programs, but not without the help of us and many others.

To learn more about this amazing organization, please visit their website. Together, we can close the digital divide between those with regular access to digital technologies and comprehensive knowledge of their use and those without it.