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Helping to Change Lives with “Next One Up”

Next One Up member holding basketball

Photo Credit: Next One Up

TruCares is always pleased to support the efforts of those who make a difference in the lives of others. That’s why we are proud to honor the work of Next One Up and the critical difference they make lives of young men in Baltimore City by supporting and advancing their academic, athletic, and social development. Recently, our team provided a valuable donation in support of Next One Up’s services to help in furthering their amazing mission.

Next One Up is not an after school program––they are a life program. During Sundays, summers, and seasons, the group supports students as they progress from middle to high school and beyond. These visionaries engage kids in resources and opportunities that exist––and create ones that do not––to positively change their paths.

Fostering a growth mindset as an adult means helping children develop a passion for learning at a young age. The programming you will find throughout the organization aligns with their vision to build the next generation of Baltimore Leaders. Some essential extracurriculars include college and career counseling, educational assessments, experiential learning, athletics and nutrition, internship placements, mentoring, alumni support, and service opportunities. This all relates to their creed of building a community of young people committed to self-improvement who share a similar mindset to then “pull the next one up.”

If you’re ready to take action and would like to volunteer, click here to connect. Every gift makes an impact. If you would like to support the work of Next One Up, please click here to donate.