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TRU Team Supports Addiction Recovery Through Donation Drive

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During the month of November 2022, we had an opportunity to support the people in our community who need it the most, and we were happy to do so. Through an effort to encourage donations, vital supplies were given to men and women who are fighting addiction and homelessness right here within Baltimore. This push for generous contributions is thanks to the Helping Up Mission.

When it comes to fighting poverty of any kind, every bit of help counts. A sweatshirt here and a bar of soap there quickly snowballs into a plethora of charitable donations that would spark hope in even a pessimist’s heart. That’s exactly what happened as a result of dedicated team members and TRU residents. Thanks to these efforts and a monetary donation from TRU Management, we were able to  help provide much-needed items like clothes, hygiene products, and medicine for Helping Up Mission. These items are made available to Baltimore citizens who need a helping hand.

Drug addiction and homelessness often go hand-in-hand. When finding a place to sleep is coupled with a fight to overcome addiction, support from others, often strangers, can be the difference between life and death. That’s why the efforts of Helping Up Mission are so important to the health of the Baltimore community. Their mission is to raise up broken men and women, and Greater Baltimore along with them. Their commitment to meeting the physical, psychological, and spiritual needs of these men and women is a necessary but difficult undertaking. To learn more about their mission or to donate, visit their website.

Baltimore’s impoverished need support. It’s up to us to step up.