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TRU Properties Celebrate the Season

The holiday season is an excellent reason for people to come together, and that’s exactly what team members across our TRU Management properties did this month to bid farewell to a successful year.

What’s a holiday without great food? Each property team celebrated with its own staff luncheon to share in great dining and quality time with each other. Afterward, they were treated to a company gift and fun activities. Some teams enjoyed bowling, laser tag, and more, while others teed off in friendly competition.

While our properties are spread out across the nation, that doesn’t mean we can’t come together in unique ways. It’s important that our teams have time to unwind and have the opportunity to let loose after all the hard work they’ve put in for our residents, partners, and organization. Our team is the backbone of everything we do, and we’re grateful for their support and drive in making this year a success.

We hope you’re enjoying the season as much as we are. May your year end on a joyful note. Happy Holidays!