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TRU Teams Let Loose for a Day of Fun

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May was a great month – the weather was nice, flowers were blooming, and our teams got to enjoy an afternoon off to participate in a team outing!

TRELLIS West Charlotte enjoyed the day driving… not cars, though. They were letting golf balls fly at Top Golf while they helped themselves to a delicious lunch!

The wonderful team members of TRELLIS North Fayette took themselves out to the ball game, where they rooted for the home team—Go Pirates!

Our TRELLIS North Dallas squad hit the indoor adventure park, where they enjoyed good food, arcade adventures, and plenty of other activities! And, the TRELLIS Canyon Creek team followed suit and also took to adventure at their local indoor park.

Finally, our TRELLIS Herndon team took the afternoon to relax and enjoy a nice lunch at their favorite Mexican restaurant. Who can say no to fajitas and quesadillas?

All of our teams work hard day in and day out, and it’s wonderful to give them the opportunity to let loose. Here’s to many more great company events!