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TruCares Offers Support to Smile Train

tru management supports the nonprofit smile train

Photo Credit: Smile Train


Smiles are contagious. That’s just one reason TruCares is honored to support Smile Train, a nonprofit organization devoted to caring for children born with cleft lips and palates.

A cleft is the result of body structures failing to fuse together when a baby is in the womb. This often results in upper lips and palates that aren’t fully developed. A cleft is more than cosmetic, however. It can result in difficulties eating, hearing, speaking, and even breathing. Across the globe, it affects 1 in 700 babies.

Fortunately, proper medical training combined with sufficient funds and equipment can turn these children’s lives around! Surgery has made it possible to remedy most clefts and allow kids to live normal lives. This is why Smile Train’s work is so important. They locate children in need, empower local medical professionals to help and provide cleft care such as speech therapy and other support to these kids. Over more than twenty years, they have supported care for over 1.5 million children worldwide.

These are impressive numbers, but the work isn’t finished. Our support will help Smile Train, but their success relies upon widespread support. If you have the ability, please consider a donation. It will mean the world to a child who deserves support.