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TruCares and the Maryland SPCA Make an Impact for Local Shelters

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The facts are heartbreaking: has released animal shelter numbers in a recent report, estimating that every year as many as 6.3 million dogs and cats are housed in over 3500 facilities nationwide. TruCares, in partnership with the Maryland SPCA, was proud to sponsor a drive throughout March to create a positive impact on the lives of shelter animals throughout our state and local community.

The Maryland SPCA is an independent, local nonprofit operating out of one small campus in Baltimore, seeking to save as many homeless pets as possible in Baltimore, in your community, and across your state. Throughout March, TruCares encouraged the local community to donate pet food, toys, and other items to their local shelters.

While the TruCares drive is over, it’s not too late to donate to your local animal shelter. These shelters are always in need of:

Pet Food:

  • Wet canned dog and cat foods including puree, stews, or chunks with gravy
  • Unopened bags of dry cat and dog food
  • Soft dog treats
  • Cat treats
  • Jarred baby foods stage 2 in beef, chicken, or turkey with gravy (2.5-ounce jars)

Pet Toys and Enrichment Items:

  • Interactive dog toys
  • Cat toys (no catnip)
  • 6” PVC plumbing joints, tubes, and fixtures
  • Cat scratch pads

(Please avoid donating items such as medications, dog bowls, sheets, pillows, and cat toys containing catnip)

Other ways to donate can include donating vehicles, money, or your time. Every little thing we do makes a BIG difference to these dogs and cats.

TruCares thanks all who took part in the drive for their generous donations. Together, we made a difference for hundreds of animals throughout the state and our local community.